Professional italian gelato consulting

Discover the new Gelato Expert Academy!

Gelato expert Academy is your assistant in the creation of italian gelato, ice cream, and any sort of frozen desserts; we specialise in recipes formulation, vegan ice cream and vegan gelato, popsicles, and optimisation of production processes. We help frozen dessert brands that are starting up to achieve the highest standards.

But artisan gelato is not just the product of the art of the gelato maker: a strong network of specialists is necessary to build a solid entreprise. We can guide you in the choice of the best partners for your project, still giving you full freedom in the process. We will work together with you to achieve the highest level of quality for your product.
Our work is completely tailored on your needs.

Furthermore provides guidance to businesses that are trying to strengthen their brand or that want to grow their existing network. If you want to improve the performance of your brand and be a step ahead of your competitors, will guide you hand by hand.

Whatever shall be the project you want to build with our assistance, we commit to our ethical principles of quality of the product, equality of people involved, and respect for the ecosystem.

Be assisted in your business or start-up, by a renowned and awarded field expert and gelato enthusiast!

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