Professional gelato course Asia – China, 7-8-9 December 2019

November 14, 2019 Courses
Gelato course

The first open class in China about Italian gelato by will be held on 7-8-9 December in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

3 days intensive course, theoretical and practical training.

Level: beginner and intermediate (depending on students requirements)


The final program will be built on the specific needs of the students who will attend, to give the most useful experience. For this reason, we will ask the participants about their background and expectations.

The course will give a general introduction about the gelato world, and it will then focus on raw materials, recipe formulation, vegan gelato, and an overview of the specific needs in the Asian market.

During the class, there won’t be any sponsoring of machine manufacturer or ingredients supplier. Every recipe will be created from scratch and the students will learn how to create their own recipes with the ingredients that they can find locally.

The general program of the course is the following:

  • Introduction to gelato and frozen desserts
  • What is gelato? A scientific approach
  • Science and technology of food ingredients for gelato
  • Characterising and functional ingredients
  • Review of sugars and other carbohydrates and their properties
  • Nutritional values and nutritional labels
  • Gelato production and organisation of a gelato lab
  • The Asian gelato market
  • Gelato formulation parameters and techniques
  • Sorbet formulation
  • Milk gelato formulation
  • Vegan gelato formulation

Other possible advanced topics: introduction to stabilisers formulation for gelato, fibres and their application, sensory analysis of gelato, advanced use of chocolate in gelato and sorbet, granita formulation, alcohol in gelato, recipes development, …

For the practical part a draft of the menu is the following:

Fruit sorbet

  1. Lemon tea
  2. Mango
  3. Papaya passion fruit

Milk gelato

  1. The silk road (citrus and spices with goji berries topping)
  2. Jasmine tea
  3. Hazelnut with cashew nut pralinè and red pepper

Vegan gelato

  1. Coconut stracciatella
  2. Salted pistachio
  3. Coffee with caramelised almonds
  4. Chocolate with black garlic and Sichuan peppercorn topping


The course will be in the training centre of Musolesi Italian gelato in Foshan, 1 hour by train from Hong Kong, 45 minutes from Guangzhou (CAN) airport by bus or taxi, 30 minutes by train from Shenzhen.

Close to the training centre, there are several hotels for a very reasonable price.


7-8-9 December, from 10 to 17.30


3000 RMB after December 1st

2400 RMB if booked before December 1st

Included: 3 days theoretical and practical course, possibility to bring home the gelato made during the course, course study material, recipe book of the course with additional bonus recipes, 50% discount on formulation software (600 RMB instead of 1200 RMB)


The course will be taught in English with the possibility of Chinese translation upon request.

To offer a smooth and intensive learning experience we limit the class to 8 people max.

The course can be cancelled or postponed if the minimum number of participants won’t be reached.


Send an email to or via wechat at lucaviolino or Facebook at Musolesi Italian Gelato.


Luca Musolesi

Luca Musolesi started making gelato at the age of 12, but unlike many, not following a family tradition, but moved by the curiosity for experimenting with food.

Later on, Luca studied violin in the conservatoire and physics at the university, a combination of creativity and science that are fundamental in his approach to gelato. 

In 2008 Luca created a website ( about gelato that became the most visited in Italy and started giving courses to amateurs and professionals. 

Because of the scientific background, Luca consulted and worked in research and development for several food-related companies (gelato and ice cream factories, frozen desserts producers, yoghurt, functional ingredients) and artisanal gelato shops and chains in Europe, Middle East and Asia. 

In 2018 Luca opened a gelato shop and training centre in Southern China to make his expertise easily available in Asia. He curated the first gelato festival in Guangzhou, and he is providing gelato to the most exclusive events for Lamborghini, Four Seasons Hotel and Italian Consulate. 

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