Training and teaching

Discover the new Gelato Expert Academy:

Gelato expert Academy

We believe in teaching according to scientific principles, and totally free from the influence of ingredients or machine manufacturers.

We offer several types of training:

One to one courses: to get the most out of each session, where the student has all the time to deeply understand the topics.
School training: we collaborate with gelato and pastry schools to offer training on theoretical topics as well as practical courses on gelato, frozen pastry, innovative concepts.
Single topic training: courses on request on selected topics like fibres, fruit, low sugar gelato, clean label products…

Gelato school china assists:

Gelato newcomers (new business start-up)

Small and Medium-sized artisan gelato businesses (improvement, rebranding, optimisation..)

Gelato Franchising (recipes development, production line..)

Popsicles and ice cream on a stick projects

Innovative frozen desserts projects

Gelato or ice cream factories (Research and development, clean label products..)

Schools and training centres (Gelato, ice cream and frozen desserts courses and workshops…)

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Gelato teaching china