Services is independent from any ingredients or machinery manufacturer and focuses on developing tailor made solution for gelato shops, ice cream shops, chains and gelato or frozen desserts factories.

Research and development

In the R&D lab in Bologna (Italy), we focus on innovating and improving gelato recipes and processes based on scientific research.

We can perform analytical lab tests and panel testing to help you achieve your goals for the perfect gelato and frozen desserts.

We explore new flavours, techniques, and ingredients to provide you with unique and high-quality gelato products. We prioritise understanding your business’s specific needs to develop custom solutions that will enhance your product offerings and increase your market competitiveness.

Recipe creation

If you are looking for new flavours to add to your gelato shop or you want a specific gelato flavour that you don’t know how to create, we can help you with our service of gelato recipes creation. crafts custom gelato recipes tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Tell us the gelato flavour you have in mind and we’ll make the recipe for you, or choose from our vast range of flavours to get your personalised version.

We take into account factors such as your target market, dietary restrictions, and desired flavour profiles.

Training and Teaching offers comprehensive training and education sessions both online and in-person.

If you want to learn gelato online check out the Gelato Expert Academy, the most in-depth online gelato school you will ever find. also offers one-to-one gelato training sessions on the topics you value the most. The training can be done in our labs or in your gelato shop or facilities.

If you are part of a culinary school or you want to organise a group course on gelato or on specific topics reach out to to discuss the program and the details.

Gelato and ice cream start up

Opening a gelato shop? can follow you in every step, from the business idea to the development of your menu and the recipes, to assist you in the choice of the gelato machines until the opening.

Are you a start up with a great frozen dessert idea? can help you develop your product, find the factories where to produce it and implement it in the market.