Research & development

In our R&D lab in Bologna (Italy), we focus on innovating and improving gelato recipes and processes.

Our work is grounded in rigorous scientific research, ensuring that each product we develop meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

We can develop gelato recipes, ice cream, and other frozen desserts products completely tailored on your needs.

We perform analytical lab tests on gelato including: viscosity tests, overrun tests, hardness and rheology tests, meltdown analysis, shape retention evaluation, ice crystal control, accelerated shelf life tests and more. also organises gelato tasting sessions, panel testing with experts, with trained panelists and untrained panelists, and statistically analyse the sensory variables of the product.

We can perform Response Surface Modelling to combine the different variables tested and asses the performance of your products.

We also work on exploring new flavours, techniques, and ingredients to offer you unique and high-quality gelato products.

We prioritise understanding your business’s specific needs to develop custom solutions that will enhance your product offerings and increase your market competitiveness.

Whether you’re looking to expand your product range, improve an existing recipe, or develop a completely new flavour, is at your side.


We work on classical products like Italian gelato, American Ice cream, soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, but we are also known for niche products like vegan gelato and vegan ice cream, clean label gelato, replacing ingredients or additives.

We also develop products like ice cream sticks, cones, ice cream mochi, gelato sandwhiches and more innovative products.

We can also optimise your processes or explore the use of methodologies like vacuum pasteurisation, the use of enzymes in gelato and much more.