Gelato Expert Academy

Gelato expert Academy

Gelato Expert Academy is an innovative professional school to learn how to make gelato, ice cream and other frozen desserts from scratch from one of the leading experts in the gelato world and from other professionals invited for interviews and workshops.

Thanks to the collaboration of with Essenza Gelato we are able to provide an immersive experience and let you follow the academy online in HD and with premium audio quality.


We made the pricing accessible to everybody, the more you learn the less you spend.


With a unique digital approach, weather you are a beginner or a professional you can learn everything you need about making gelato from scratch.

With the support of GelatoPassport+ you will learn quickly everything about gelato formulation and food composition.


The gelato expert academy is not like any other course, it consists of a 10 sessions main course, of which you choose which one to follow, depending on your needs.

After the main course there will be regular updates with videos and booklets about recipes, tips and tricks, science, techniques and much more.

Free gelato introduction course

If you want to have a free taste of the Gelato Expert Academy you can watch a full introduction course for free at the following link.

Gelato Expert Academy Program

Gelato fundamentals

Gelato fundamentals
Read Module #1 program

Gelato formulation

Gelato formulation
Read Module #2 program

Gelato production

Gelato production
Read Module #3 program

Advanced gelato science

Advanced gelato science
Read Module #4 program

Gelato without sugars

Gelato without sugars
Read Module #5 program

Vegan gelato

Vegan gelato
Read Module #6 program

Gelato with alcohol

Gelato with alcohol
Read Module #7 program

Gelato development and creativity

Development and creativity
Read Module #8 program

Gelato toppings

Toppings, variegato, inclusions
Read Module #9 program

Gelato special formulations

Special formulations
Read Module #10 program

Always online

Dates: you can follow the course online at any time.

Schedule: 4 hours per module.


  • 1 module of choice: 170€
  • 3 modules of choice: 450€
  • 5 modules of choice: 650€ (includes 30 minutes one to one consulting)
  • 10 modules: 1000€ (includes 60 minutes one to one consulting)

Included in the price

  • Teaching material in PDF used during the courses
  • Recipe book of each module of the courses
  • Access to all the videos and material for unlimited time
  • Certification of participation
  • For minimum 5 modules of subscription: 50€ discount on GelatoPassport+ the official formulation app used by the Gelato Expert Academy and factories and professionals all over the world

Info & Subscribe

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