Gelato production

Gelato expert academy Module #3: everything you need to know about gelato production, lab creation and organisation and how to store and serve your product at best.

Gelato expert Academy

Program Module #3

Production of gelato

  • The different methods of production
  • Steps in the production: pasteurisation, aging, freezing, storage and serving
  • The combined method
  • The characterising method (pasteuriser+batch freezer)
  • Hybrid methods
  • To age or not to age?
  • New and different methods of production (liquid nitrogen, CO2, static pasteurising…)
  • Temperatures of gelato (pasteurisation, extraction, serving, storage..)

Gelato production and organisation of a gelato lab  

  • Batch freezers and other machines
  • Showcases
  • Pasteurisers and other machines
  • The cold chain
  • Essential machines
  • Machines to complete the lab (oven, stone grinder, homogeniser…)
  • Storage of gelato
  • Other tools for the lab

Organisation and optimisation

  • Strategies for an efficient gelato lab
  • Organisation of the lab
  • Production needs (gelato everyday or stock the gelato?)

Serving and storing gelato

  • How to present gelato
  • How to serve gelato
  • Different ways of serving gelato around the world
  • How to adjust recipes to your needs
  • Introduction to creative serving of gelato

Voluntary exam to achieve certification (10 minutes quick test)

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