Advanced gelato science

Gelato expert academy Module #4: in this fascinating module you will learn what is really going on with gelato, why is water important, what is the role of air and the complex physics of stabilisers and emulsifiers in gelato and much more.

Gelato expert Academy

Program Module #4

Water properties

  • Freezing of water
  • Sugar solutions
  • Freezing curves and freezing point
  • Application in gelato

Physical composition and behaviour of gelato

  • What is gelato made of
  • Food systems
  • Multiphase systems
  • Interaction between phases


  • Definitions and experiments
  • Viscosity of a mix
  • Viscosity of gelato
  • Ingredients acting on viscosity
  • Implications in gelato formulation


  • Definitions and properties
  • Types of fibers
  • Effects in gelato

Introduction to fat

  • Definitions and properties
  • Effects of different fats in gelato

Introduction to fruit

  • Fruit types and processing
  • Sugars content in fruit
  • Fibers and other carbohydrates

Gelato problem solving

Most common defects of gelato and possible solutions

Voluntary exam to achieve certification (10 minutes quick test)

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