Development and creativity

Gelato expert academy Module #8: for the people who love experimenting in this module you will learn how to do research and development effectively, weather you are a multinational or small gelato shop. You will learn practical techniques and also how to enhance creativity and problem solving in the gelato world.

Live session: November 25th – 9AM to 1PM CET

Gelato expert Academy

Program Module #8


  • What is a food system?
  • Definition of food systems and frozen desserts.
  • What is product development and why to perform it?
  • Is the creation of new flavour or product a creative or a scientific act?
  • Market research for product development.

Sensory science

  • Parameters affecting consumer decisions when buying food.
  • Basics of sensory science.
  • Sensory evaluation: variable and product testing.
  • Sensory science vs market research.
  • Sensory science vs commodity grading.
  • Sweetness.
  • Expert panelists, trained panelists, untrained panelists.
  • Do we like what we like?

Product development

  • Parameters for frozen desserts product development.
  • How to perform product development on a small scale.
  • Micro and macro flavour components.
  • Hedonic testing and sensory analysis.
  • Simplified sensory evaluation.

Science and creativity in R&D

  • How to be creative
  • What is creativity in the gelato business
  • Strategies to boost creativity and transform it into gelato

Shelf life

  • What is shelf life?
  • “Expiration date” and “best before… date”
  • How to calculate shelf life of frozen desserts.
  • Parameters and ingredients affecting shelf life of frozen desserts.
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance for frozen desserts.
  • Product testing techniques for frozen desserts.

Production and tasting for live participants

Q&A for online and live participants

Voluntary exam to achieve certification (10 minutes quick test)

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