Gelato with and without sugars – online masterclass

Replaced by the new course at Gelato without sugars

Program: Gelato with and without sugars

The focus of the masterclass is the use of sugars and sugar substitutes in gelato. You will learn more about carbohydrates and how to formulate recipes with reduced sugars or no added sugars.

The recipes are formulated from scratch, and you will see the result of the gelato making during the course.


  • What they are and their classification
  • Sugars
  • Fibres
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Polyols

Legislation and claims

  • European and global legislation
  • Food claim for sugars and fibres
  • Additives and clean label
  • Is sugar-free gelato possible?

Gelato formulation

  • Creation of a standard gelato recipe
  • Formulation of a reduced sugars gelato recipe
  • Formulation of a no added sugars gelato recipe
  • Introduction to keto-friendly gelato

Gelato making live

Q&A session

  • The last 25 minutes question and answer


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