Vegan gelato online course

April 28, 2020 Courses
Gelato course in collaboration with Essenza Gelato organises an online masterclass on vegan gelato.

Date: 13 May – from 10 to 13 UTC+2
(The recording will be available after the course)

Language: English

Program: Vegan gelato

The focus of the masterclass is the ingredients and the formulation of vegan gelato flavours that are traditionally milk based. Fruit sorbets will not be part of the course despite they are usually vegan.

The recipes in the course will be formulated from scratch live, and you will see the result of the gelato making during the course.


  • What is vegan gelato and why to do it
  • Certifications for vegan food products
  • The ethical problem with ingredients manufacturer
  • Sorbetto or vegan gelato what is the difference?

Raw ingredients for vegan gelato

  • Plant based drinks (production, composition and use in gelato)
  • Sugars and fibers
  • Vegetable proteins
  • Fat sources
  • Flavouring ingredients

Vegan gelato formulation

  • Different approaches in the formulation and marketing of vegan gelato
  • Formulation parameters for vegan gelato
  • Formulation of a vegan gelato recipe with 3 different methods
  • Formulation of a recipe with coconut milk
  • How to use different types of plant based drinks
  • Problems in the creation of vegan gelato flavours
  • The vegan vanilla conundrum
  • The world of vegan chocolate gelato
  • Suggestion on vegan gelato flavours

Gelato making live

Q&A session

  • The last 20 minutes will be open for question and answer


The subscriber will receive a link for the live video streaming.


13 May 2020, from 10 to 13 UTC+2
(The recording will be available after the course)

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