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Program: Product development

This unique masterclass will give an overview of how to perform product development, the basics of sensory science, and much more.

The course is useful to everybody dealing with food, from the small gelato shop to the R&D department of any food producer.

You will get insights from the commercial and industrial world and from the scientific research point of view, and practical tips on how integrate these methods in your company.


  • What is a food system?
  • Definition of food systems and frozen desserts.
  • What is product development and why to perform it?
  • Is the creation of new flavour or product a creative or a scientific act?
  • Market research for product development.

Sensory science

  • Parameters affecting customer decision when buying food.
  • Basics of sensory science.
  • Sensory evaluation: variable and product testing.
  • Sensory science vs market research.
  • Sensory science vs commodity grading.
  • Sweetness.
  • Expert panelists, trained panelists, untrained panelists.
  • Do we like what we like?

Product development

  • Parameters for frozen desserts product development.
  • How to perform product development on a small scale.
  • Micro and macro flavour components.
  • Hedonic testing and sensory analysis.
  • Simplified sensory evaluation.

Shelf life

  • What is shelf life?
  • “Expiration date” and “best before… date”
  • How to calculate shelf life of frozen desserts.
  • Parameters and ingredients affecting shelf life of frozen desserts.
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance for frozen desserts.
  • Product testing techniques for frozen desserts.

Q&A session

  • The last 20 minutes question and answer from live participants.


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